Chef training

Closest DateCourse NameTeacherLanguageCost
17.03.2020 – 16.12.2020Chef trainingRudolf Visnapuu, Aleksei Norden, Anneli Kubbi, Salmen Šoisenglish3500€

The training is based on the professional chef level 4 standard. Chef training is designed for anyone who wants to get the knowledge and skills to work as a chef. The aim of this course is to give learner knowledge of working in the hotel and restaurant area with a focus on restaurants, kitchens and meal services. After graduating from school a learner will be able to work it this area. The programme provides a basic knowledge of working as a chef of 4 category.

Learning Environment: SA Tallinna Erateeninduskool owns classes in Sõle 3, Tallinn. In addition our school uses rooms of our partners. All the rooms meet the requirements of Health Care Protection. SA Tallinna Erateeninduskool provides every participant a coffee brake. Members have possibility to use Internet while learning. Classes are equipped with modern devices: (projector, laptop, whiteboard etc.). Number of participants in a group depends on the course. The aim of a study is to help every person in self-development, to keep his/her motivation, to set goals and reach full potential. Learning resources are provided by school.

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The holder of Certificate of completion:


  • has attended classes 75% (min)
  • has passed all the tests
  • has successfully finished the internship
  • has written self-evaluation form


Learning Outcomes. The graduate:


  • knows the hygiene and safety requirements
  • knows several methods of dough making
  • knows the basic processing methods, seasoning principles, types of slicing
  • is able to make calculations and plan meals and expenses
  • is able to cook dishes from vegetable and mushrooms
  • knows different types of pasta making, the technology of preparing, ways of using and matching with different ingredients fillings, principles of serving
  • is able to cook soups and broth
  • is able to cook dishes with vegetables
  • is able to cook pasta dishes: fresh pasta with fillings, lasagna, spagetti bolognese, dumplings
  • is able to cook fish dishes: boiled, stewed, fried, roasted, dishes made of minced fish
  • is able to cook meat dishes: boiled, fried, stewed, roasted, dishes made of minced meat, poultry, left-overs
  • Is able to cook desserts
  • knows tand understand the meaning of “customer-centric service” term
  • teab missugused nõuded on esitatud klienditeenindajatele
  • is able to work in a team


Total amount: 720 academic hours

Course: Hotel and Restaurant Programme:

Moodul 1. Organization of work at the restaurant in the kitchen (72 AcH)
Moodul 2. The importance of good hygiene (16 AcH)
Moodul 3. Equipment and machines in kitchen and catering contexts (20 AcH))
Moodul 4. Basics of Nutrition and diets (12 AcH)
Moodul 5. Culinary calculation (20 AcH)
Moodul 6. Baking (60 AcH)
Moodul 7. Food preparation and A la Carte (160 AcH)
Moodul 8. Customer service and psychology of communication (40 AcH)
Moodul 9. Internship (320 AcH)


Rudolf Visnapuu – president of the Estonian Chefs Association, restaurant management and chef training lecturer, Estonian Spa Resort (Pärnu) chef. Rudolf has worked in SA Tallinna Erateeninduskool since 2012 a.

Salmen Šois – Zeus Holding chef, who learnt the culinary art in Estonia and Israel, has a professional qualification of a chef. His workshops provide opportunity to learn cooking. Salmen is a holder of two Higher Education diplomas: Hotel and Restaurant Management and Catering Service.

Aleksei Norden – practicising psychologist. He has organized various professional trainings for companies and factories in the field of communication, leadership and service. Aleksei has been actively engaged in teaching and administrative work of the universities of Estonia. Works in our school since 2012 a.

Anneli Kubbi